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Amazing Jumps - We Kick The Party Off Inc Amazing Jumps - We Kick The Party Off Inc
WE WILL NOT BE DOING DELIVERIES ON SUNDAY MAY 9TH (MOTHER'S DAY). We are approved vendors for CITY of Tampa Parks and Pinellas COUNTY Parks Department (with shelter reservation only, receipt will be needed). We do not deliver at: ROWLETT Park, Fort De Soto Park, Wall Springs Park, Fred Howard Park, Sand Key Park, War Veterans' Memorial Park. CALL OUR OFFICE BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER TO BE DELIVER AT A PARK!!! Our office is closed on Mondays.


First and foremost, we require that a responsible adult attend the Jumper and assist the children as they enter and exit ALL TIMES. After set-up we will let you know about all the rules of the Jumper and all the safety features the Jumper has.

  • All children must remove their shoes and only jump in socks. You must also remove all sharp or loose objects from your clothing or body.
  • The children should be split into groups according to their size. Only children of the same size should be allowed to jump together. Please see "Ages and # of Children" below.
  • No food or drink of any kind should be allowed in the Jumper.
  • No wrestling, rough housing, flips or anything other than just jumping is allowed.
  • No bouncing off the walls of the Jumper.
  • No hanging or climbing on the sides or roof of the Jumper.
  • The Jumper should not be operated in the rain or winds that are more than 25 miles per hour.
  • Do not use the Jumper if it begins to rain or lightning. Please exit the Jumper quickly and slowly and unplug the Jumper.

Ages Maximum # of Individuals
4-8 8-10
9-12 6-8
14-17 4-5
Adults 3-

Emergency Procedures

If for any reason the Jumper should begin to deflate while there are children inside, just stay calm and assist the children out a quickly as possible. It takes 30 to 45 seconds for the Jumper to deflate. In the event the Jumper does deflate and there is a person still inside, all units have two emergency exit flaps. These flaps are located on the top of the Jumper so that there person can exit safely.

If deflation does accrue unexpectedly check to see if the Jumper has accidentally been unplugged or the blower switch has been turned in the OFF position. As soon as the issue has been corrected the Jumper will re-inflate

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