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Amazing Jumps - We Kick The Party Off Inc Amazing Jumps - We Kick The Party Off Inc
We are approved vendors for CITY of Tampa Parks and Pinellas COUNTY Parks Department (with shelter reservation only, receipt will be needed). We do not deliver at: ROWLETT Park, Fort De Soto Park, Wall Springs Park, Fred Howard Park, Sand Key Park, War Veterans' Memorial Park.


Our office is closed on Mondays.


  1. When should I call to make a reservation?
    Please book your jumper as soon as possible. We suggest two weeks in advance or better. Jumpers are so popular for so many occasions that we are booked weeks ahead of time. That being said, even if you are trying to find a jumper last minute we will try our best to accommodate you.

  2. Do the Jumpers damage the lawn?
    The weight of the jumper you choose and the length of time the jumper is on your lawn is always a factor. You might experience flattened grass but this is not permanent.

  3. Do I have to clean the Jumpers before you pick them up?
    Regular cleaning and sanitizing maintenance is always performed by Amazing Jumps Rentals. If for some reason we find that the jumper has been misused in anyway and we have to perform extra cleaning duties to remove food or any other materials then a $30 cleaning fee will be charged.

  4. How much water and/or electricity does the Jumper require?
    Our Jumpers plug into a standard 110 volt outlet. If you rent a jumper that required water you will have to supply the water source. The electricity the jumper uses is less then many of your home appliances.

  5. Do I have to leave a deposit in order to reserve a Jumper?
    Yes!! Deposit are required when placing a reservation. (Deposits are not refundable due to cancellation).

  6. How big are the Jumpers?
    The size of each jumper does vary but the standard area needed for a regular sized jumper is 18' by 18'.

  7. Do I have to sign a contract prior to delivery of the Jumper?
    Yes, a waiver must be signed before we can even set-up your Jumper.

  8. What is included in the price?
    Our price includes: delivery, set-up, take-down and removal of all equipment.

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