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Amazing Jumps - We Kick The Party Off Inc Amazing Jumps - We Kick The Party Off Inc
We are approved vendors for CITY of Tampa Parks and Pinellas COUNTY Parks (with shelter reservation only, receipt will be needed). We do not deliver at: ROWLETT Park, Fort De Soto Park, Wall Springs Park, Fred Howard Park, Sand Key Park, War Veterans' Memorial Park. YOU HAVE TO ADD THE PORTABLE GENERATOR TO THE SHOPPING CART AS WELL ($57.00 WITH TAXES INCLUDED). CALL OUR OFFICE BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER TO BE DELIVER AT A PARK.

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Lorena Velasquez-Escobar
Chief Executive Officer

The idea for creating "Amazing Jumps- We kick the party off" came from the 16 years of experience we posses in this industry. This experience in the industry is how we know and can guarantee that we'll beat any other competitor's prices, quality and customer service. We are family owned and operated and pay great attention to detail. We provide excellent customer service and always have on time delivery.

Our products meet the standards of the ASTM F-24 committee which is the same committee used for Amusement park rides and devices. The manufacturer of our jumpers has won many awards including, most creative, new combo design and safety conscious manufacturer. Our jumpers are all Lead free, fire retardant, have roof hatches and safety entrances. Thank you for your business!.

Lorena Velasquez-Escobar
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