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AAA 15ft HIGH, 24ft LONG SLIDE (with landing pool)

AAA 15ft HIGH, 24ft LONG SLIDE (with landing pool)

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Dimensiones del Producto:
Longitud: 24'0" (7.32 m)
Anchura: 12'8" (3.87 m)
Altura: 15'0" (4.27 m)

En inventario y listo para Kick Your Party Off!!

The Awesome AAA 15ft high 24ft long Slide will be a big splash at your next event or party, as little ones climb up the left-sided climb to the right-sided wet or dry slide and a No-Jump Top forces riders to slide down properly, keeping them secure. The green, blue and yellow theme will attract passers by and allow the Awesome AAA Slide to fit into any decor. This wet or dry slide is just one of the many amazing inflatable slides from Amazing Jumps We Kick The Party Off Inc. The Awesome AAA Dual Wet/Dry Slide is a great way to promote enjoyable and healthy activity, and will add excitement and value to any indoor or outdoor event! With a variety of colors, shapes and themes, the slides provided through Amazing Jumps We Kick The Party Off Inc offer kids of all ages endless amounts of aerobic activity. Our slides are made safe and secure with lite n strong, fire-resistant vinyl making it safer, portable and more durable.

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